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Corporate Incident Management Associates are dedicated to providing organisations and individuals with assistance and ideas about improving the human resource component and structures of their incident response and emergency management systems. Available through this site is information and contacts to assist you and your organisation to better prevent, prepare, respond and recover from an incident, particularly through your initial response.

Not all incidents become emergencies, however all incidents are capable of escalating to emergency status if the initial response by organisations is not the correct one. Particularly from a non regulatory point of view, incidents can include events leading to a loss of business continuity, interruptions to production, collapse of business partnerships, circumstances which disrupt communications, loss of confidence by external participants, and many others.

The commercial environment is very different to the Government Agency approach, primarily because there are different stakeholders involved. For example, companies do not have the limited liability that is provided to Emergency Service Officers under Crown Law. In a large company there are numerous statutory compliance requirements; there are various stakeholders, investors, owners, non government organisations, employees, and the local community. There may also be joint venturers, shareholders, insurance companies and customers.

Regardless of the circumstances, companies must deal with incidents that occur as a result of the operations they manage and be prepared for any unforseen event. They are required to consider (to a reasonable extent) the risks that their particular operation generates and provide systems to prevent incidents occurring or, to attempt to control them if an incident does arise. Management of major emergencies is not the core business of such companies nor are they expected, by authorities and the community, to account for every foreseeable disaster that may or may not occur in a conceivable time frame. They are required to make reasonable judgements about the level of response they can provide.

CIMA can assist individuals and organisations to better develop incident response and emergency management structures and to build the necessary competency profiles for key people in your system. We can also assist you to cost-effectively assess your people against risk scenarios and Australian or in-house competency standards and where appropriate establish links with suitable training organisations.


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